Bitcoin Invest

Bitcoin invest: Receive 1% per week, Swiss Bank. Reinvest possible!

Bitcoin invest

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are ubiquitous in the media. Spectacular success stories from Bitcoin Invest and profits running into the millions if not billions have been reported.

Is it advisable to invest in virtual money and are digital currencies a new financial instrument? Yes, we recommended to make a Bitcoin Invest. According to experts, 1 Bitcoin will be worth up to USD 150,000. However, you need to be careful and choose a secure “cold wallet” as a storage location. Please read our disclaimer.

We recommend a Bitcoin Investment

And that’s why we recommend Go4crypto: It is a cold wallet and a secure trading that gives you an additional profit of 1% per week. It is in connection with secure trading via Swiss Bank and Liechtenstein Bank.
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The Bitcoin price rose by 935 % last year. And there is no end in sight. The future forecasts are very promising. Experts say 1 Bitcoin will be worth USD 150,000 in 2 years. And All 21 millions Bitcoin will be minded in a few years. We expect extreme price increases. In our opinion, a Bitcoin Invest is indispensable today.

Bitcoin invest

How much should my Bitcoin investment be?

Just invest the money you have in a bank account that will not bring you any profit. And one could also say that FIAT currencies have fallen 937% compared to Bitcoin. This money is actually almost worthless as it is not secured by sufficient values (for example gold). FIAT is Latin and means “It is done! Let it be done! Let it be!” So it’s just a promise made by the respective central bank. Of course, crypto money is not secured by physical assets either, but they are the future! Bitcoin Invest is the Best! Please read our disclaimer.

For Bitcoin invest you need an exchanger

If you have USD, Euro, Pound and you want to buy Bitcoin, you need an exchanger. The easiest option is a free account with At you have several accounts available: USD, EURO, POUND, Bitcoin etc. You can transfer money to your internal account in your currency and exchange it with one click on Bitcoin. You can move your money back and forth between accounts as you like. And then you can make your Bitcoin invest. You can then invest your bitcoin at Go4Crypto. Is that easy!

Note: If you invest with Go4crypto you can only be a winner. Secured by a Swiss bank and a Liechtenstein bank

The goal of the first crypto currency Bitcoin was simply to create a payment system that works without financial institutions, in order to allow consumers a certain amount of informational self-determination and anonymity. As a result, Bitcoin has been used, among other things, as a means of payment for transactions that are not entirely legal in recent years. Although this fact reduced the social acceptance of cryptocurrencies, the underlying technology has now been expanded and improved. Cryptocurrencies can now be used for much more than just monetary transactions and as a Bitcoin Invest, as they represent a secure, fast and cost-efficient alternative for transferring sensitive data.

Other cryptocurrencies

For example, in a pilot project, the United Nations World Food Program is using Ethereum to distribute resources to refugees. The organization issues food coupons via the blockchain and those affected can pay by iris scan in refugee camps. In this way, the financial resources reach those in need directly and corruption is no longer a problem for the organization.

Facebook also wants to introduce its own digital currency with Libra to enable worldwide payments via Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The link to a currency basket is intended to protect Libra from fluctuations in value. Central banks have so far been skeptical of the plans of the social media giant.

Bitcoin Invest boom and crypto madness

Addition to technological progress, there was the Bitcoin Invest boom. In mid-December 2017, a single BTC was worth almost $ 20,000. In the following months the value plummeted. At the end of 2018, a Bitcoin was sometimes worth less than $ 3,000 – that’s a loss of 85% in value. By March 2021, the value of a single bitcoin had risen back to over $ 50,000. The record-breaking assets of the alternative currency make the market particularly interesting for speculation and create incentives for developing further crypto currencies and issuing new crypto units.

New ideas, plans and business models for cashless digital currencies and Bitcoin invest are constantly emerging. Whether cryptocurrencies that are linked to diamonds (“Carat”) or oil (“Petro”), crypto money that is given as a reward for good deeds (“Hullcoin”), or a currency that is simply a parody of Bitcoin (“Dogecoin”) – the imagination seems to have no limits.

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